TESTIMONIALS  (Verified by Google)

“Major co-op remodel, down to the studs. Leah personally navigated a very difficult board approval, working in coordination with us and our contractor. That was the hard part. The fun part was having her and her fun and warm team present mood boards, amazing color ideas, and taking care of purchasing (with our input and approval) the spot-on quantities of flooring, tile, kitchen cabinets (from Cliq studio), plumbing, beautifully made countertops, vanities, mirrors, etc. It was a huge relief to have her overseeing/coordinating with the contractor while we went about our lives from temporary housing. We are now enjoying our beautiful home. Thanks so much!!

Patrice Cassedy

“I had permitting and renovation done to my kitchen here in Sleepy Hollow. Everything went through without major hickups and my new kitchen is super functional. Leah has a great team of people. thanks.”

Hilda Azunaz

“Leah and her team remodeled my Carroll Garden’s Condo. It was a 4 month labour of love. I thoroughly enjoyed the design and construction process. They considered every single one of my design needs and stayed on budget (almost!) Leah was on calls with me evenings and weekends, as I travel often for work. She was amazing at site management and communication. I am so very pleased with the outcome!”

Sylvia Brenton

“We bought a house and needed architectural and interior changes done for our family, while living in an other state. Ervi Design/ Leah was a great one stop and took care of  design, permitting, purchasing and staying on top of all the work at the house. By the time we arrived, we were able to  start school and had a very few details left to consider. What a great service that I did not even know existed.”


“My home needed a full gut renovation. Before choosing an interior designer to help fulfill my home desires, I did some research and landed on Leah / Ervi Design. Leah truly helped to turn my vision for my new interior into a reality. Leah’s knowledge and sharp eye aided a much smoother transformation. Now, I can look up at my space and feel more at home. Thank you, Leah!!!”

Brianna Lopez

“Leah and her team are creative, attentive and genuinely nice people. I am truly pleased with our results.”


“We love our room. Leah’s stuff is easy to work with and responsive. She has a wonderful design sense from soups to nuts.”

Audrey Brockner (New Rochelle)

“With the help of Leah’s keen eye to detail, she was able to incorporate all of mine and my husband’s many requests and made sure we had our desired home. Leah truly went above and beyond and transformed our interior from a dark, gloomy, traditional look to a bright, daring, yet soothing space that was clearly “ours. We feel confident about our decisions and purchases, thank you so much!”

Kimberly Locasta

“I just moved to my new home in Greenwich. I knew this meant I was going to need to reconsider some design aspects in order to make this space more comfortable for me. Leah was very responsive although I was uncertain with what I wanted. She helped us with the design and in selecting appropriate décor including lamps, rugs, sofas, stools, and paint colors. Something I noticed about Leah while working with her, is that she pays attention to detail! Thank you, Leah, I can officially call this space my home.”

Dymond Peralta (Greenwitch)